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…you get a second post today, just so i can share my vacation pictures.

Something tells me this probably won’t work either…

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Monday Musings, The Second: Teach Me How to Say Goodbye

I made this decision a while ago. It’s probably been stewing in my head since November. I’ve resigned from my job, given notice to my landlord, booked a moving company…

Yet, I’ve made no official announcement.

So, here it is: I’m leaving New York. Tqwana Brown is going home…

one last time

Miami, I’m coming back. I’ve told no one except immediate family. I’m still not sure why. I’ve only told 4 people here in NYC, besides the obvious. Also, not sure why.

I just know it was time. It was probably time 2 years ago. I’ve done what I wanted to do. Proved to myself that I could live here, got the degree, the job. Made some of the most amazing friends and memories (I wish I could take my friends with me). But, there are certain sacrifices that I’m not willing to make anymore just to live in NYC, things that just aren’t worth it to me simply b/c this is NYC.

I’m hitting the reset button. i have a plan in mind and I need to be home to do it. I need my support system, so I’m saying goodbye.

It’s been a truly amazing four years. I found myself again here in NYC. I didn’t have to try to be a version of Tqwana I knew no longer existed, and that was liberating.

And maybe one day, I’ll be back. If not, I’m okay with that too.

Trying New Things…Making New Memories

I’m still alive! This blog, though, not so much… I promise to do better

FB Memories

So, you know how Facebook has this memory thing going on now? Each day, you get a list of memories – photos, status updates, etc. from that day in previous years. Really, it’s the only reason to go on FB these days if you’re not into memes that you absolutely must like right this second or risk spending eternity in HELL!!!

← This one popped up for me last week, and I REALLY want to do this again, but not just for 30 days. All year. Maybe one new thing a month. Maybe once a week. I dunno.


The problem is, and was, is that despite my mostly reserved nature, I’m a bit adventurous. I’ve done a lot of shit in my time. So, I need ideas. I have a few small ones, like the strawberry-basil lemonade I’m drinking as I write this. Refreshing, if a bit odd.


The Mason jar makes the experience better. And I get 50¢ back if I return it to the bakery where I bought it.


I’ve never been a beer drinker, so in the spirit of Superbowl Sunday, tomorrow I will drink a beer. All of it. No, I’ve never actually done that before. Shocking…

Going to Alaska and Canada in May, though traveling isn’t new for me. The locations are though. And that’s about where I run out of ideas of new things to do. I’m lying, but the rest I will not share publicly.

So, readers (if there are still any of you out there) inspire me, please.

What new things should I do in 2016? If I like it, I’ll add it to my list below. I will not be jumping out of planes or off bridges, so that’s out. Phobias and all… But, I’m game for just about anything else. Nothing that will get me thrown in jail either.

Or I could just say no.

So, hit me with it in the comments. Go!

List of New Things TQ will try in 2016:
  1. Drink a whole beer
  2. Finish this strawberry-basil lemonade
  3.  Canada
  4.  Alaska
  5. See a Broadway show (dammit I WILL win a Hamilton lottery!!)
  6. Painting (thanks, Heather!)
  7. Hiking (which means new hiking shoes!)
  8. Horseback riding (technically I’ve done this, but not the real thing. I was a kid and it was a pony on a leash, walking in a circle)