At this point, actually using this blog is a new thing…

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve written anything here. Haven’t been much in the mood for writing. Don’t even get me started on the state of 80 Books Blog (though I’m pretty proud of the last post I published over there)…

But, when you’ve had the best birthday trip ever, you get a bit inspired. There’s now a new stamp on my passport. A new annual traditional of traveling for my birthday (cruising to the Bahamas next year!!). New memories. New friends.

New perspective on life.

I just got back from Scotland. Finally made it after unsuccessfully trying to manipulate my former students into choosing it as a destination for our spring break trip 10 years ago… They were having none of that.

God, this place is beautiful!

I won’t totally spam you with my pics, but you should really check out my Instagram. It’s FIYAH!

With a new adventure, there were new foods to try. Branston Pickle, I fucks with you heavy. I now take my tea with milk. And HP Sauce is the shit.

Still no haggis. Vegetarian and all. Yes, that’s new too. Just passed my 1 year anniversary.

Before crossing the pond, I revisited my 2nd home, NYC (still love it and I miss my friends; can’t see myself living there anymore, though). And added a new Broadway show – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And dear God, it. was. freaking. AMAZING!! And that’s saying something b/c that script nearly ruined Potter for me. But, the difference in reading the words and seeing the actors’ interpretations – mind blowing. There was literal theater magic happening at the Lyric. I would honestly spend top dollar to see it again and again. But, I’m broke asf and spending the rest of the year eating ramen noodles.

And no I still haven’t seen Hamilton. I’m bitter.