I made this decision a while ago. It’s probably been stewing in my head since November. I’ve resigned from my job, given notice to my landlord, booked a moving company…

Yet, I’ve made no official announcement.

So, here it is: I’m leaving New York. Tqwana Brown is going home…

one last time

Miami, I’m coming back. I’ve told no one except immediate family. I’m still not sure why. I’ve only told 4 people here in NYC, besides the obvious. Also, not sure why.

I just know it was time. It was probably time 2 years ago. I’ve done what I wanted to do. Proved to myself that I could live here, got the degree, the job. Made some of the most amazing friends and memories (I wish I could take my friends with me). But, there are certain sacrifices that I’m not willing to make anymore just to live in NYC, things that just aren’t worth it to me simply b/c this is NYC.

I’m hitting the reset button. i have a plan in mind and I need to be home to do it. I need my support system, so I’m saying goodbye.

It’s been a truly amazing four years. I found myself again here in NYC. I didn’t have to try to be a version of Tqwana I knew no longer existed, and that was liberating.

And maybe one day, I’ll be back. If not, I’m okay with that too.