Remember this post?

New Things

Well, I’ve been checking things off the list. Go me!!

  1. Drink a whole beer 
  2. Finish this strawberry-basil lemonade 
  3.  Canada
  4.  Alaska
  5. See a Broadway show (dammit I WILL win a Hamilton lottery!!) 
  6. Painting (thanks, Heather!)
  7. Hiking (which means new hiking shoes!)
  8. Horseback riding (technically I’ve done this, but not the real thing. I was a kid and it was a pony on a leash, walking in a circle)
  9. Niagara Falls
  10. Watch The Flash 
  11. Color-correcting for dark spots 

It took longer than I anticipated, but I finally tried a beer. It did not go well.

My face says it all…

Luckily, my friends aren’t giving up on me and have sort of created a ‘TQ Beer Experiment’ to find the one true beer that I won’t think tastes like extra dry cheap champagne and dirty bath water.

barney gif

Also, this happened!!

Birthday event # 1. #LesMiz #Broadway It only took me 4 years to see a show.

Yes, the first Broadway show is in the books. I’m addicted now.

It’s not that I haven’t seen a show before. I did see The Lion King in Miami. But, a musical. On Broadway. In New York City. It’s magical!

Other new things have happened. New friends. New food spots. Working myself up to a new tattoo (it’s been 10 years since the last one and I’m nervous). Snapchat.

What else should I add to my list? I’m all about the adventure in 2016. Let’s do this!!