Sometimes I live such a tough life. We have an author event coming up next month at work, and we’ll need lots of cupcakes. The grave responsibility of finding just the right cupcakes fell on my shoulders. It’s a tough job, but I was willing to take one for the team.

I mean, imagine if we served sub-par cupcakes?! The horror!

So, I roped my friends into going on a cupcake crawl. They didn’t protest too much. In case you forgot, this is our second food crawlย (we learned our lesson this time about not eating more than one at any restuarant).ย We really need to do more of these. I think someone suggested chocolate, or wine and cheese, or both for next time. Why are there so many wonderful restaurants in NYC?

Let’s get to the cupcakes….



  1. Molly’s Cupcakes – Salted Butterscotch Caramel
    I had every intention of trying only the mini cupcakes in classic flavors, since that’s what we’d be having for the event. But, salted caramel always calls to me. This cupcake is amazing. Moist, flavorful. Great filling. The frosting wasn’t too sweet. Actually it wasn’t sweet enough for me. But, the rest was so good, it wasn’t an issue. The top bakery of the day and the one we’ll be using for our event. Molly’s also gets points for a whimsical dining area, with swings at the counter, books and games you’re allowed to play with, and a sprinkle station for your cupcakes. Very adorable, fun area for the kid in all of us. Did I mention they won Cupcake Wars on FoodNetwork?
  2. Little Cupcake Bakery – Blue Velvet
    Presentation matters. We eat with our eyes before food even gets to our mouths, so these cupcakes were a bit disappointing from the beginning. This is supposedly a blue velvet cupcake, but there was hardly any blue color. We Southerners do not play about our Red – or blue – velvet cake. And this just didn’t live up to its namesake. I’m not sure it this was a cake or a muffin with frosting. Aside from said really sweet frosting, there was no flavor. I love sweet frosting, but not if it’s being used to cover up tasteless cake.
  3. Sweet Buttons Bakery – Marple Baconย 
    wpid-20151025_140907.jpgI finally had a mini cupcake like I originally intended. From a bakery that wasn’t part of our itinerary, but Sweet Buttons is a cute little place that caught my eye. And yes, that is bacon. Nice, salty smoky bacon. And paired with the maple frosting, it was delicious! The cake was another disappointment. A little on the dry side. Texture was a crumbly also. I’d eat this maple frosting with bacon sprinkles by the bowl-full though.
  4. Sugar Sweet Sunshine – Coconut Mini
    This was our last stop. Unfortunately, we had already reached our sugar limit by the time we got here. Maybe that contributes to why this was my least favorite of the 4. Maybe not. This one felt like something I could’ve done at home with a box mix, and with better results. It was very dry, almost to the point of stale. Nothing special about the frosting either. A completely unforgettable cupcake.

I hate sugar now. I don’t want to see anything sweet for the next two weeks at least. I feel totally drained and sluggish. Sugar is just evil, but so yummy.