Hot Air: Gender Bent Twilight. And It’s Not Fan Fiction

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The big news Tuesday was the announcement of a new Twilight book from author Stephenie Meyer, just in time to commemorate the original’s 10th anniversary.left deaht

But, wait… Edward is now Edythe and Bella is now Beaufort, or Beau for short. Awful names aside, this could actually be a good thing. If you’ve read Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s perspective), you might agree with me that Meyer handles the male voice significantly better than the female. It also makes you wonder why women authors create such vapid heroines, especially in YA/paranormal romance. Edward has more depth. Certainly a much more interesting point of view than Bella’s “I love him because he’s hard, cold marble and he’s sparklingly pretty.”

This is creepy, NOT romantic!

I’m curious enough to pick up Life and Death to see whether Beau maintains that shallowness, and how a female vampire breaking and entering to watch a human teenage…

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