About That Atticus Spoiler…

Around the World in 80 Books

By Tqwana B.

Sorry, this isn’t a review. I’m not even sure anymore if I’ll read Go Set A Watchman  …

When Harper Collins announced there would be a Go Set a Watchman July 14, 2015 Harper‘sequel’ to To Kill a Mockingbird, I nearly died with excitement. This is history being made and I’m here for it. I even overlooked the controversy surrounding the acquisition of this supposed lost novel.  I just wanted more of The Finches.

And then you find out that Atticus is a racist, associated with the KKK and preferring that we Negroes not be a part of their lives.

I’ve been trying to reconcile this with the honorable Atticus Finch that stood up for justice, at the risk of his family, at the risk of everything in TKaM. And it just makes no sense. I do realize that this isn’t a sequel really. That this is what TKaM started out as. And…

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