“But, I really, really wish that the season finale had done one thing better – spent a little more time actually ransoming this man’s soul than on what took it prisoner in the first place.”

Around the World in 80 Books

jamie1This was a very powerful episode, one that’s inspired numerous think pieces for weeks now. Probably one of the most important hours of TV I’ve seen in years. Not many shows would handle rape, especially male rape, in such an in your face way. Your strapping, handsome hero is being victimized and this is what it looks like. You won’t like it, but you’ll feel it.

Very bold.

bjr knifeAnd very successful in showing that rape is about violence and power, not sex. Even the full frontal of Tobias Menzies/Black Jack illustrated the power play. The contrast of Jamie lying defeated while BJR strolls around with confidence. Forcing a reaction from Jamie’s body. Making him think of Claire so the abuser gets the ultimate surrender from the abused –  enjoying his own degradation.

jamie2I can’t say enough about Sam Heughan in this episode. The delirium in the dungeon. The deadness in his…

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