Need Diversity? Here Are Some Suggestions

Around the World in 80 Books

Lots of people in publishing talk a good game about being more diverse. But, that’s usually all it is — talk. Attend a panel with industry professionals and authors. Take a look around, not just at the audience, but at the speakers. See a pattern? Now, attend a industry panel with diversity as the topic. Notice a disconnect, do you? It’s a bit of  “never the twain shall meet.”


As a black woman working in the industry, I’m beyond frustrated with this. I’m tired of being the only chip in the cookie. As such, I have thoughts on how to make some real changes.

1. Stop hiring just your friends. And if all your friends are only white females, you have a problem. How can this even be possible in a city like New York? Besides, just because you know someone doesn’t mean they know how to do a…

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