Outlander The Reckoning Recap: Smacking It Up, Flipping It, Rubbing It Down

Around the World in 80 Books

I’m always surprised by how easily we can suspend disbelieve for fae, vampires, werewolves, and traveling through time by standing stones, but we can’t put aside our 20th and 21st century lenses when reading/viewing historical fiction. So, lest you think me too flippant about my title, let me say my piece (peace?) about the infamous spanking scene:

1. 21st century TQ would’ve pulled a weapon on Jamie or slowly poisoned him at meal times . And that’s if he even thought about spanking me. He never would’ve gotten to the actual spanking (do I need to put in a disclaimer about not really condoning murder?). 18th century me? We’ll let’s be real. I’m black; the 18th century wasn’t the best time for people like me. I would’ve had even less say so in what a man like Jamie Fraser could do with my body, sadly. My point is, an 18th century wife…

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