Lucky girl that I am, I managed to snag 2 tickets to last night’s Season 1B premiere for Outlander. This makes 3 events I’ve attended since the show started it’s huge PR campaign. It also marks the first time I was truly pissed off at one. Let’s talk about the bad and get that out of the way. 

I can’t really blame Starz or Sony for this part. Maybe I can, but I’m laying this blame on the Ziegfeld Theater. Never mind the ridiculous long wait in the cold. Event staff was rude and unhelpful. The line situation was a giant clusterfuck. We were rushed through the costume exhibit, which is an injustice to Terry Dresbach and her team. Everything was late, and the Q&A with Ron Moore and the cast was about 5 seconds long. One question and that was it. One, y’all!. One.

The less I say about the moderator, the better. At this point, we should at least be able to get the names right.

Now for the good, which was very good.

The episode was so incredible. I’ll have a full recap on 80 Books this weekend after it officially airs Saturday. But, things were taken to another level. Action. Politics. Sex.  Jamie’s POV. My favorite episode so far. Yeah. Loved it even more than The Wedding.

We had awesome seats. Second row, right on the aisle, which leads to the highlight of the night for me.

Yup! That close to the stage.


Sam Heughan touched my hand!

We made actual contact. Not quite a handshake, but it lingered slightly longer than a high five. And my life was made! I have been given all the life. All of it.

god is real


Despite the abrupt Q&A, the cast and Ron, drinks in hand, were still as fun and open as usual. And dear God, Caitriona and Lotte are so fabulous! Gary Lewis (Colum) is now my new favorite person, and I just want to sit and listen to him tell stories for hours. I loved his increased screen time in this episode simply because we got to hear him speak more. That accent is everything.

Anyway, enjoy my slideshow of pics from the costume exhibit (includes a dress that Geillis will be wearing in ep. 112) and the panel. Bye!

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side note I need to know where Tobias gets his socks. Love them!