Review: Outlander Does Epic Sh*t… Blu-ray Special Features and Stuff

Around the World in 80 Books

epic ronOutlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore

We picked up Outlander Season 1, Part 1 Blu Ray special Edition from Target this week and decided to review it as our first page to screen adaptation. Since we’ve seen the first 8 episodes too many times to count, for this review, we’ll focus just on the features and deleted scenes.

Let’s start with the packaging.


Everything about it is so well done. It’s beautiful and perfect. The stationery. The actual blu-ray case that looks like a book, complete with gorgeous hi-res production stills, script excerpts, and an intro written by Diana Gabaldon.

And there’s this thing (its fancy name is lenticular), which we adore:


Of the special features, there are 6 behind-the-scenes looks, 4 of which are blu-ray exclusives, and 21 deleted scenes from all 8 episodes.

An Epic Adaptation — Nothing really new here, except the awesomeness of seeing Matt Roberts’ face (!!)…

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