Today marks the one-year anniversary of Tqwana Explains It All.

WP Anniversary

I was reluctant to start this blog and only did it b/c it was required for class. I even considered abandoning it after graduation. Sometimes, it’s really difficult coming up with topics I feel I can successfully write about and/or want to share my thoughts with a general public. But, it has been a journey of self-discovery. I find that I actually like writing, and I may even be good at it. At the very least, I’m far more interesting in print than I am in person. Writing here and at Around the World In 80 Books energizes me like nothing I’ve done in a very long while.

Even when I’m frustrated because the words in my head don’t quite make sense on paper, I’m never tempted to just say “screw it; none of this matters anyway.” But, of course, it matters to me. Is that how authors feel, I wonder? Not that I consider myself an author.

I guess Tqwana Explains is not going away. It may change and grow over time, but I need this outlet. Who knows where it may lead me?

Thanks for reading!