#fbf To Thinking That Some of My Friends Had Lost Their Minds

Around the World in 80 Books

Of course we had to do it. How could we not? We’re a book review blog and one of the biggest page-to-screen adaptations is happening this weekend.

Yes, for today’s #fbf we’re covering Fifty Shades of Shit Grey. This is going to be a short review, because I had and still have very little to say about this series, other than that it’s bad. Really, really bad. In fact, I can say that after finishing the entire series, my opinion on this book might be even worse than it was when I first read it. There is so much better written erotica/erotic romance out there people. The Crossfire series, for example,  is pretty much the same book, but in the hands of a skilled writer. The difference is astounding. Better developed characters. A Dom who isn’t quite so emotionally abusive. A heroine who doesn’t need the big, strong…

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