Surprise! I couldn’t wait to post it. So, here’s my BURNED review. It’s out today so go buy it now!

Around the World in 80 Books

*There are spoilers from all the Fever books in this review, though I tried to avoid the major ones from Burned.*
burnedThis is will be my most beautiful post to date. Not because of my words, but the David Gandy picspam that is about to happen. B/c he’s Barrons. And he’s beautiful. That is all. I really should turn in my feminist card for how attracted I am to Jericho Barrons. The more caveman and dominant he is, the more appealing. But, I digress.


Backed to Burned

When last we left Fae-infested Dublin in Iced, Dani, Ryodan, Dancer, and crew had defeated the Hoar Frost King. Highlander-turned-Unseelie Prince Christian had sacrificed himself to the Crimson Hag to save the abbey and the sidhe-seers, and Mac and Barrons were nowhere to be found, sadly. The Unseelie King disappeared with his amnesiac concubine/Aiobheal, the Seelie Queen. Popsicle Crulane (Cruce/V’lane) was mind-fucking…

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