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Hiatus? What hiatus? No need to wait for January for a needed dose of #Ichabbie.


If you’re not familiar with Fox’s version of Sleepy Hollow, here’s a short summary:
As with Washington Irving’s original, Ichabod Crane meets the Headless Horseman in the eponymous town in the Hudson River Valley. Though in this version, Crane is now a soldier and spy for rebel forces in 1776, and Headless is a Hessian mercenary working for the Crown. Oh, and the Horseman of Death. Yes, we’re talking Book of Revelation, apocalyptic Four Horsemen. He also happens to be Ichabod’s former best friend, Abraham, and former fiancé to Ichabod’s wife, Katrina. Still with me? During battle, they “kill” each other, but Katrina, who also happens to be a witch, casts a spell to save Crane, who wakes up two centuries later in 2013 New York. He and Death are linked by blood. Let that sink in…

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