Tqwana Does a Podcast

This is a short, drive-by post…

This past weekend, I sat in with the ladies from Minorities in Publishing to discuss diversity and publishing programs, and diversity in publishing programs. If you’ve read my posts about “We Need Diverse Books,” as well as the excerpt from my Master’s thesis, you’ll know how important this topic is to me. It was great having the opportunity to share my thoughts with Jen, Bev, Ebony, and now you, especially in the wake of  Publisher’s Weekly 2014 Salary Survey, which stated that African-Americans make up only 1% of industry employees. Well, 1% of the respondents at any rate, which was a rather small pool.

Here is a link to our discussion:

Minorities in Publishing, episode #4

Listen. Share. Comment below. Follow us all on social media (shameless plug).

Until next time…


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