Time is on my side/Yes it is – The Rolling Stones

What a novel concept it is, to go to work during the day and actually come home at night. Home. Not school. Not guest lecture. To have time to work out if I choose. Or cook dinner at a reasonable hour. To read for pleasure. To binge-watch television.

To live a life seemingly normal.

But in the interest of avoiding idleness, I plan to use my new-found hours of leisure to actually go places in this city called The Big Apple. How liberating to not have to worry about due dates and GPAs anymore. *le sigh*

tumblr_m5b8knCwom1qjt9p1o1_500So far I’ve managed to do the tourist thing with my family when they came to visit, check out some sexy sailors during Fleet Week (my face still hasn’t recovered from sun exposure), pick up a few books and such at BookExpo (I met Tiffany Reisz!!), and attend a New York Philharmonic concert.

Oh, the possibilities… Author signings. Happy Hours. Movies. Dinners with friends. Maybe a show on Broadway. Road trips. And it’s summer! Parks are open. Flowers are in bloom. It’s a good time to have time on your hands.

tumblr_mcf5fyo2nP1rf089no1_500Anyway, I’m running out of things to say. So, New Yorkers, any recommendations for me? What is there to do in and around the Five Boroughs.

Until next time…check out my slideshow of good times in NYC.

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