I wanted this to be a serious, eloquent post where I wax poetic about completing my Master’s, education, goals, etc.

But, all I could come up with was this:

bey happy danceBecause, I’M DONE, PEOPLE!!!

I have turned in my last homework assignment. Read my last assigned chapter. Gone to my last 6pm class.

I am officially too cool for school.

doctor_who_by_pussinboots2612I worked my ass off these past 2 years. I succeeded in what I intended to do, for the most part. Damn those minuses.

gradesI was pushed in ways I haven’t been in a long time. I’ve created magazines and book covers. A business plan last year almost killed me, thank you very much, Prof. Manuela Soares (I love that lady, though). And let’s not revisit the thesis from hell; though, I now have a paper I’m proud to have written.

The fake diploma has words

I’ve walked across that stage, had my degree conferred, and celebrated it all with family and friends. I am a graduate.

Tqwana Brown, M.S. I gots letters, y’all!!

instagradNow, I get to be an adult again. And, oh yeah, I got a publishing job! Production Assistant right here. Cheers!

Until next time…