Disclaimer: This post is in no way an attack or criticism of actress Aurora Perrineau. She’s a beautiful girl. And if she’s half as talented as her father, she’ll do well in the industry. This is only about Hollywood’s tunnel vision.

For every 2 steps forward, we take 3 steps back. Seems like the Lupita progress is already coming to an end.

If you haven’t heard, 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms is being made into a live-action movie. My inner 80s child wanted to jump up and down with youthful glee. Sure, as is the case with most remakes coming out of Hollywood, the chances of it sucking were already pretty high. The news they were holding open auditions gave me pause – both good and bad. But, it’s Jem and it’s already “truly outrageous,” so whatever.

Then we got the casting announcements. And this happened:

I mean… Come on!! Like I said, this isn’t about the actress. I wish her luck. Her father played my favorite Mercutio and I hope his talent carried over to her.

This is solely about Hollywood’s obsession with light skin. Not one darker complected girl was good enough? Not one? Are we going to go the Zoe Saldana/Nina Simone route and paint on more color and add a wig? I’ve loved Zoe since Center Stage, but really???

nina zoeYes, Shana is a fictional character, but the presence of a dark-skinned, multi-talented girl on such a popular show back in the early 80s meant something.

What message is the media sending when it says dark girls aren’t good enough for roles about dark girls. We’d rather pay a makeup artist overtime than to go for authenticity.

*sigh* I can’t… Until next time…