Hello Readers!

Welcome to the inaugural post of Tqwana Explains It All. I’m sure I’m aging myself with that title.


So, why a blog?
The main reason is for a magazine writing and editing course I’m taking to complete a Master’s degree in publishing. Also, I just need to write, to renew my relationship with the written word in a way different from what I’ve been doing as coursework. I mean, I want to work in PUBLISHING, with books…


Well, what will you blog about?
Whatever catches my fancy. Whether it be pop culture or current events (I see a Jordan Davis post in the near future). I cook, so expect recipes. I read, so you’ll see book reviews. I watch TV and there will be reactions. I live in NYC, and there are adventures to be had and written about. My niche will be my voice. I’m opinionated, even judgmental. This will be my outlet.

Why is there a Q in your name?
*sigh* I like to say it’s for decorative purposes. It doesn’t get pronounced, but looks pretty in my signature and makes a cool nickname. I’ve been TQ since middle school and it’s tattooed on my back. You’re welcomed to address me as such. But, please don’t call me “Ta-kwa-na.”

shrug What else should we know about you?
Well, I’m in my 30s. I’m originally from Miami. I will be a Miami Hurricane ’til the day I die. I was once quite an accomplished musician. I have a problem with buying shoes. I’ve fallen in love with wigs (natural hair issues; more about that later). I still grieve Michael Jackson. David Tennant is my Doctor. John Legend could sing the alphabet to me and I’d be in heaven. I’m a Christian. And this list could go on forever. I’ll let my posts give you a better insight into who I am.

Hope to see you around!